Custom Herbal Formulas

Perhaps you’ve felt hopeless and frustrated with health issues, and modern medicine has left you desperate for something better.  Maybe you struggle with fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, unbalanced hormones, digestive issues, or a number of other ailments.

Imagine receiving an amazing, healing herbal blend designed specifically for your body, with the ideal plants paired to your specific issues. That is exactly what we offer, created in perfect balance for optimal absorption.

Mother Nature has blessed us with the divine gift of herbs, and their natural healing power offers a complete medicine to support all these and more. Unlike traditional medicine, our goal is not to simply remove the symptom, but to address the root cause and core issues.

Our holistic approach supports the entire organism for complete cooperation of all body functions.

We offer the following:

  • customized herbal formulas in powder or capsulated
  • customized tinctures
  • customized tonic herbal formulas
  • customized skin care
  • customized spagyrics (coming soon)
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2. The price of the herbal remedy depends on the client’s problem.