Benefits of Silver Wormwood (Mugwort)

Silver Wormwood Planetary Ruler: Moon Benefits: Dreamwork, helps with lucid dreaming, psychic protection. On physical level it’s good for digestion,…

Crown Chakra

HOW TO RECEIVE ANSWERS TO ANY QUESTIONS IN LIFE WITH EASE? Do you want to receive inspirational answers to important…

What does a healthy Root Chakra linked to?

focus and presence feeling stable and securedependability, reliability, and responsibilitya sense of belongingfeeling grounded and connected to self and othersthe ability to care…
Discover The Benefits Of Spirulina | Healing Mountain Organics



Spirulina is a nutrient dense super food that is packed with vitamins A, C, E and B and antioxidants. It has a very good amount of minerals, including, magnesium, zinc and selenium