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Herbal Hair-Care Workshop and Foraging

What we are going to do:
1. We will go foraging in the wild and learn about different medicinal plants, with emphasis on hair growth. I will show you a meadow far in the mountains that has amazing medicine for hair growth and regeneration.
2. Did you know that stress makes your hair fall? While we are in the mountains harvesting plants, we will learn and practice about meditation with the plants, connecting with the nature and allow her to help you to ground, to feel more aligned and be resilient to stress.
3. Afterwards we will come to my house and make herbal medicine that you will take home:
  •  Hair Growth and Regeneration herbal blend in capsules (it will also be amazing for bones, and connective tissues)
  •  Herbal Hair Rinse
  •  Herbal Hair oil + essential oils
  • Medicinal Tincture
4. We will also talk about healing diet, hair massage with essential oils for natural hair growth.
5. Bonus: Healthy lunch and Aura reading/picture (with Biopulsar-bio feedback device)
When: April 20th, May 11th, June 1st. Same workshop, different days. 
9:00 am- about 2:00 pm


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Herbal Hair-Care Workshop and Foraging 🌿